Terran Melconian's Presentations

Please contact me at to discuss presenting at conferences in the New York or Boston area or providing corporate training on these and related topics.

Many of these talks are provided in the form of slides and audio; you can right-click the audio link and pick "open in new tab", then click the slides and follow along. I hope you'll be able to infer from the context when to advance the slide.

Hiring for a Successful First Project, MinneBOS 2018
Gives an overview of life cycle stages for data science and how to tell if you have completed the prerequisite stages in order to do what you think is next. Managers learn which steps can be contracted out and how to hire; job seekers learn how to tell if a prospective company is really ready to do what they say they're going to do, and how to learn and practice for the specific type of work they want to be doing. I offer a taxonomy of what specifically is being accomplished in each stage as an alternative to ambiguous job titles.

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Debugging Complex Systems, Velocity NY 2017
Describes a systematic process for investigating systems which used to work and now don't, with particular applications to web technology stacks. Especially helpful for computer scientists who are not familiar with system engineering and understanding emergent behavior; good training for developers going into operational roles. Shows that some data you can collect will usefully partition your possible problem space, and other data is “associated” with the problem but not actually useful. Also includes guidance on how to teach this skill to the junior members of your team.

slides (sadly, I do not have audio or video)

Agile Data Science, Agile Alliance Technology 2017
How does data science differ from software development? What are appropriate ways to run an agile data science team? Discusses prioritization of projects by estimating benefits assuming a successful technical completion, testing a minimal implementation as quickly as possible, and working with the business and engineering.

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Hiring your First Data Scientist, Boston Data Festival 2016
As an entrepreneur or executive at a company which has no existing data science function, how can you hire your first person and get a successful outcome? How to understand your needs and goals. Also goes into the use of a take-home exercise and presentation for hiring in more detail than my 2018 presentation on forming a new team.

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If for some reason you have arrived here trying to find my old presentations from when I worked in air traffic simulation and optimization, or managed a data warehouse team, email me and I may be able to dig them up for you.

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