Terran Melconian

Terran Melconian

Get Expert Help Turning Your Data Into Profit

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What troves of treasure or nests of vipers are hiding in your data? If you're too busy running your business to read fifty books about statistics or go back to school for machine learning, let me help you find the value.

If you can see the result you want, we'll look at the data assets and find the right mathematical and graphical tools to get you there. If you're exploring, I'll help you recognize opportunities by telling you about the portfolio of options you have. We'll assess your situation quickly and with low risk and create solutions you can feel good about that add value to your bottom line.

I can also help you collect the right data when you're building new products so that when it's time to analyze it, the value is there.

Whether your company has 3 employees or 3000, we'll find an engagement which is aligned with your goals and budget.

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End the Data Science Recruiting Pain

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Hiring data scientists is hard and getting the right fit is harder! Instead of finding them, how about making them? I have a passion for teaching and a proven track record of taking software engineers to the next level, in a part-time program while they continue to do their current jobs. Some graduates have enabled their current teams to take on more valuable tasks and others have transferred to data science teams to fill vital openings.

Adding data science skills to your existing staff has a strong ROI; you can expect to see a positive return in less than 12 months. A data scientist costs over $20,000 more per year than a software engineer at the same level of experience, according to Glassdoor salary reports in 2018. When training costs much less than this difference, why wouldn't you use it? Training is also positive for retention of your valuable staff, and can give you the edge to land new hires in a competitive labor market.

I've brought training programs to companies with 7 people or 7000 people, with a flexible, individualized model that meets people where they currently are and is tailored to your priorities, assets, and technology stack. Students regularly report that they love working with me and get tremendous benefits. I also work with business analysts and product managers.

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Conference Presentations

Learn from my experience about how to hire data scientists, manage data science, and diagnose systems problems. If you weren't there at the professional conferences I addressed, the presentations collected here are the next best thing. You can also listen to how I think, and see for yourself if I'm someone you'd feel good about working with.

My Most Popular Talk: Stages of Data Science Full List of Talks

Articles and Learning Resources

I've developed a clear, step-by-step process for learning data science, and I'm sharing my documents here so the whole community can benefit.

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About Terran

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My rich background gives me a unique perspective on all aspects of the data science life cycle, from my engineering degrees at MIT, work on image search at Google, implementation of data warehousing at TripAdvisor, and consulting for companies large and small. I'm passionate about turning data into profitable actions, and I look forward to discussing your unique opportunities.

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