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Brief Professional Biography

Engineering degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Started a company doing schedule planning and optimization for airlines.
Started a company doing power electronics for solar charging.
Software engineering technical lead at Google.
Data warehousing and site operations manager at TripAdvisor.
Data science director at Jobcase.

Research Interests

Operational Anomaly Detection
As software operations becomes increasing complex and increasingly dominated by undesigned emergent behavior, hand-coded alerting thresholds on a single metric are proving inadequate. The next generation of alerting will be multidimensional and learned. I am seeking to partner with companies which can release anonymized operational data under an open license to facilitate algorithm testing and development, who will then benefit from open-source algorithms tuned for their use cases.

Cryptocurrency Trading
The cryptocurrency markets interest me as an example of a less mature and less efficient market, presenting an opportunity for study whose like I was not alive to experience in equities.

Statistics for Personal Health
Experiment design becomes more challenging when there is exactly one subject available, yet this is exactly the situation we face in identifying food allergies and assessing individual medication and supplement effectiveness. How can we make more powerful and more usable tools, especially for use by people who may be cognitively impaired because of the very problem they are trying to diagnose?

Personal Projects

Everybody needs to unwind sometimes. Here are some things I've done when I was taking a break:

Website Time Capsule

Many of my other projects are now obsolete; I kept them here for search engines to crawl and to avoid breaking existing links:


I welcome correspondence regarding collaboration on any of my research interests and inquiries regarding consulting engagements. I am also able to respond to most requests for career advice.

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